Whateva! (Whateva Part 1)

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View discussions in 1 other community. My favorite part from that episode "But then we all found out that Lobster Boy wasn't a real freak at all. George Lucas will do what he wants! Continue this thread. Which episode this is? Freak Strike. I'll crap in Maury's pants! That IS out of control!

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Favorite episode by far. Did he take jaba out? More posts from the southpark community. Nov 18, Cake Day. Quick question: Where does your mind go when I say that this song sounds sort of like the Gipsy Kings? If that turns you off, I get it. Does Whole Foods still sell CDs? They used to! But I digress. It feels more like a period.

Cardi B. Like any popular rap song, there are plenty of remixes to choose from here.

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Blueface is onto something. Solange ft. What makes Solange so distinctly Solange is her effortless ability to cull freedom from any form of entrapment.

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Looking at the way black people have increasingly been snuffed out of black culture for the purposes of commodification, for example, she can still offer hope by snatching back the pride in our ownership. Brown skin, black braids, brown liquor — sip, sip, sip. Lizzo gets a lot of praise and, suddenly, now more and more flak for her very specific branding of self-love. For Lizzo, loving herself is what keeps her alive and fulfilled.

So rarely do artists let us see their raw emotions in real time, when the wounds are still fresh, exposed, and hemorrhaging. Neither version is superior to the other. Tyler with an assist from Uncle Charlie Wilson croons about chasing after someone who only ever splits his heart into pieces.


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Anything to find that rush again. The entitlement fans project onto artists over their work can be detrimental to the work. But for smaller artists, the feeling that you owe your creativity to strangers is suffocating. He and Paul brothers collaborator Fabiana Palladino briefly sing back and forth, representing two sides of a romantic relationship that has frayed.

The wait for Katy Perry to get back down to the business of deliciously executed pop songs is over. Zedd provides the finger snaps and synth swells but does the more important work of getting out of her way. Welcome back, Katy.

T.I. - Whatever You Like [Official Video]