The Ultimate Sales Training Guide: Sell Anything Easily

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A sales rep trained in telemarketing might not do well in field sales. Not to mention the techniques, product knowledge, and mindset that create the core of a successful salesperson. Sales training that works is an investment that reinvigorates your team and revenue. It will be suited toward your industry and personalized for your business. The training itself can be a motivational seminar or an in-depth workshop. Sales reps can be trained one-on-one or in a group. Your reps can even use sales exercises to train each other for practically nothing. A lot of sales reps start their career without any training at all.

The sink-or-swim nature of sales creates the idea that good performance is intuitive. You either swim and sell or sink and fail.

But first, here’s how to get the most out of reading these sales books

Like all difficult things, salesmanship can be learned - even mastered - with the right training. Investing in sales training sends a positive message to your sales team. It shows interest in their performance, results, and careers. It also happens to be the perfect recipe to bring out the top-performers on your team. Before we dive into the fundamentals of proper sales training, we need to cover how to choose the right program for your team.

Defining your sales process is the best way to understand how to improve it. Your sales process is the customer-facing side of your business.

What Is Sales Training?

Everything leading up to and resulting in a sale is considered part of the process. What type of business are you? The sales process for a b2b company is different than that of a consumer-facing business. Leads are gathered differently, there are more decision makers, and a distinct form of product knowledge is required. There are generally two types of sales. Your sales process might involve a bit of both.

Narrowing down the elements you rely on from each will show you what your sales training should focus on. Transactional - a sale that is simple and short-term. These types of sales require less trust from the consumer. The buying decision is heavily influenced by impulse. The elements of a transactional sale to keep in mind:.

Transactional sales are less complex. They involve commodities and impulse buys.

Ultimate Door to Door Sales Guide (with Tips & Scripts)

Salespeople who thrive in transactional sales are able to quickly recall product knowledge and competitor pricing while maintaining an upbeat attitude. Consultative - these are complex and long-term sales.

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They are often service or solution based and require trust between buyer and seller. Consultative sales are high pressure. They require reps who can understand and educate consumers while building a strong sales relationship. Defining your sales process with the above sales knowledge in mind is essential.

Any one area of your sales process might be based in transactional or consultative sales. Lead Generation - Finding your customers, or helping them find you. This might be accomplished through cold calling, advertisements, inbound marketing, or other forms of lead generation. Lead generation is the most essential part of the sales process. Warm - These are prospects that have shown interest. Public sales training programs are events or seminars that involve a presenter and an audience.

They can be motivational or cover a general sales system focused on improving revenue. This text will help point you in the right direction. You can find a copy here: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy. This book of fiction tells the story of a young boy called Hafid in a rags to riches tale.

The book explores themes of motivation, success, and is regarded as a guide to the philosophy of salesmanship.


If you want something a bit more enjoyable to read before bed, check this one out. The two books were published around the same time in the 80s and both present the idea of systemized sales. This exploration provides the inside scoop on the advice and consultancy Miller and Heiman would give to huge businesses on how to better their sales approaches. A really solid overview of the tried and tested approaches of the industry. Mastering the Complex Sale aims to pick apart the process of dealing with multi-layered approval processes and the difficulties of dealing with multiple stakeholders.

If this sounds like your day to day, then it could be worth a read! The book presents a hands-on how-to of approaching large organizations. From finding your entry point to crafting your messaging, the text is a practical guide to closing those big sales. Many of you will already be familiar with Brian Tracy , whether from this book or another. His writings on success and achievement through the 80s and 90s were hugely popular.

The core premise of the book is that sales is super important in businesses and more broadly in society, and that fractional gains by individual salespeople can add up to great outcomes.

Beginner Sales Training eCourse: Back to Basics Part 1

However, you have to have a positive self-concept and a mindset of undertaking challenges and overcoming them. The book guides you through implementing this in your own behaviors. She describes it as a book about winning not about selling.

The 5 Shifts Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Making to Generate Up to 20% Higher Profits Every Month

This New York Times bestseller is a really practical and hands-on investigation of how you — as a salesperson — can improve your approach and smash your targets. Ideal for someone new to sales who really wants to master best practices. The book also covers some really useful ground about the relationship between marketing and sales, and how a salesperson can help build that relationship and leverage it.

Pink draws on social science research to create a well crafted and, at times, counter-intuitive lesson on the role sales has inside and outside the office.

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Part of the premise is that 1 in 9 people in the US work in sales. So sales is important. But Pink presents the idea that all of us work in sales, as the fundamental elements of sales occur and appear in all jobs. Pink explores this idea and looks at how to sell without only focusing on cold-calling or corporate meetings. While the 80s was a time of self-improvement and sales techniques, more recent years have seen a greater emphasis on data and organization.

This move away from an individualist look at sales to a more holistic and empirical perspective is a trend which has arisen from the increased incorporation of technology in the way modern sales operates. Keith Rosen focuses in this book on the role of a sales manager in the ongoing learning process.