The Rules: A Time Travel Adventure

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The film establishes its own rules to time travel that are actually quite a bit different than what fans might expect. In fact, that is the primary time travel rule in Endgame: for the time traveler, going into the past is the future, thus making the "future" their past. The timeline as the traveler knows it is already set. It's their reality. Anything they do in the past will not change their own reality. With that in mind, getting the stones and undoing things doesn't wipe out the Snap, the dusting, or the past five years.

It would just allow them to bring the vanished into the present. It's a little confusing, but it works from the personal perspective. But that does lead to sort of a sub-rule, if you will, about time travel and that is that if you change the past, an alternate timeline is then created from that moment.

This example is most clearly explained by the Ancient One when the heroes go to the Battle of New York in Bruce -- currently Professor Hulk -- attempts to get the Time Stone and while the Ancient One understands why he needs it; she explains that removing a stone from its place in time causes a new reality to fracture off.

Since there is now way of knowing how that will impact things, she doesn't want to hand over the stone. It's a solid point, the idea of accidentally creating alternate realities and timelines, but there's a rule about that, too. To prevent that from happening -- at least in terms of the stones -- all that has to happen is the stones be replaced in time at the exact moment they're taken.

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In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, although the audience suspects that the characters have not accomplished what they think they have by the end of the film, T has fundamentally changed, learning to value human life. Through his evolution, the audience knows that even if the future remains unchanged, there is still hope for humanity. By far the most popular time travel framework to appear in fiction is that of Infinite Alternates. The possibilities within an Infinite Alternates framework are, well, infinite. There were no limits to how many alternate realities he could create, or how terrible they could be.

Nothing was fixed, and everything was dangerously malleable. Infinite Alternates stories can be dark or light, bleak or hopeful, flashy or quiet. As the restraints on the possibilities of time travel loosen, so do the restraints on the types of stories that can be told.

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'Avengers: Endgame' Time Travel Rules Explained

We can't wait to geek out with you. Was really engrossed from start to finish and I can't wait for the next one! Jun 15, Nikos Dunno rated it really liked it. A bit stereotypically opportunistic at times, but an impressive achievement nonetheless. Downloaded it for free on Amazon prime as it was sold for the lovers of Doctor Who, and it was an easy and very enjoyable read. I'll definitely be reading the rest of the series right away. Jun 06, Tracy rated it it was amazing. I was certainly not disappointed, I was hooked within a few pages.

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I don't want to go into any detail about the story as I don't want to spoil it for any future readers, but present day London mixed with some moments throughout history and some great characters made for a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to book 2. View 1 comment. Oct 18, Jacqui Hida rated it really liked it.

Pretty good read. I just wish the author had gone into more detail , or had more of the adventure and story when the characters were in a different time.. Jun 27, kathy bracy rated it it was amazing.

Roblox TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURES! (Mission to Mars)

Great book Confusing at times in that the travel through times can be rewound a few minutes, but a really exciting read. The characters develop very nicely and josh is finally accepted.

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  8. Just completed this book a couple days ago, it was phenomenal. The pace was excellent - I think it took me just 3 sittings to get through this book. Tough to put down once you get going. Loved this book, what a cliff hanger though! Jun 03, susan rated it it was amazing. Great book This book was well written. Loved the characters and the world that the author created.

    Can't wait for the next book! Great book. Great story, love the characters and interplay between them all.

    The Unexpected Gift of Joseph Bridgeman

    Have already pre booked the next one. I highly recommend this book. Sep 17, paul ashton rated it really liked it. A good read occasionally even very good. The writing is seamless - the mark of a talented writer. The plot is intricate and the characters are convincing. Wish I could write so well!

    Something however stops it being a truly great book. Not sure what it is, but I suspect it just needs more polishing.

    When It Comes to Time-Travel Movies and TV Shows, What Rules Can We All Agree On?

    Oct 22, Chris Hooke rated it it was amazing. What an enjoyable read!! I wouldn't say I'm a sci-fi fan. I watch a few films but wouldn't go out if my way to read a book about time-travellers. I am so glad that this book came as a recommendation. Thoroughly enjoyable from the first page. Very well written with glimpses of the past interwoven with the present. Can't wait to read the next one!! Sep 04, Niall Hegarty rated it it was amazing.

    Hidden gem I had ran out of things to read an stumbled across this by accident. It's not my usual stuff an tried it as a wild card an couldn't be happier it was thoughtful well written an has shades of a Harry potter novel as the author creates a secret world within world feel I eagerly await the next.

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    Jul 21, Nuno rated it it was ok Shelves: prime-reading. There's quite a bit to enjoy here: a relatable, down-to-earth hero, an interesting plot, and a lot of potential with the time continuum. But the book is let down by mainly a few factors: - bad editing: I lost track of the number of grammatical errors, wrong or missing words, etc.

    It just feels very amateurish.

    See a Problem?

    But there are too many examples of situation that just don't fit with There's quite a bit to enjoy here: a relatable, down-to-earth hero, an interesting plot, and a lot of potential with the time continuum. But there are too many examples of situation that just don't fit with each other. The others around him hardly merit more than a couple of sentences on their feelings or background. I might start on the second volume but only to see if it's improved on these points.

    The dramatic cliffhanger isn't effective because the reader is just not very connected with the character in question. Aug 22, Laura McDougall rated it it was amazing.