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The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True by Richard Dawkins (Audiobook)

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January 15, Bell, D. The Nation. March 7, Blewett, K. March Boaz, D.

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The Daily Courier. Carey, J. The Sunday Times. February 18, Chambovey, D. Un meilleur monde est-il possible? September 13, Clark, P. Pessimism is sometimes an enlightened outlook. Financial Times.

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February 25, Clark, T. Clifford, C. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker: The idea that A. Clinton, B. Bill Clinton: By the Book. May 31, Collyer, B. Enlightenment now: The rise and fall of progress. New Scientist. March 19, Cook, G. Scientific American. Coyne, J. The New Yorker goes after Pinker and his progressivism. Why Evolution is True. July 22, Pinker gets harassed on his birthday. September 18, Crease, R. Unenlightened Thinking. Physics World.

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May Thus Faked Zarathustra. Wall Street Journal. October 25, Crowder, L. Steven Pinker: Real risks, undeniable progress. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. April 11, Cullen, P.

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