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B1, B2 etc as per the pic, then put the cards into the blue bag. Lol thanks video dad.

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Most productions I've been on use red and green tape. The AC prepares the labels in red and stacks them in order A01 on top, on the camera body.

But Red means do not format, Green means safe to format. Skip to main content. No Film School. August 27, Never fumble with or mislabel another memory card during a shoot again. The Basic Filmmaker. Leave this field blank.

Make sure your business card stays at the top of the pile with inspiration from these unique cards

I love my PTouch. Reply Share Share this answer:. Kyle Dockum Videographer and Editor. Alex Everingham Video Editor.

Christian Lopez 8. These include:.

When it comes to your credit card accounts, it can be a use-it-or-lose-it situation.

Your card's Online Transaction Security Guarantee means that we guarantee you will not be liable for the amount of any online transaction made without your knowledge or consent providing we are notified of that transaction before the due date shown on the card account statement. This monitors every transaction for irregular activity. If a suspicious transaction is detected, our fraud specialists will call you to verify it. CHIP technology uses a security microchip embedded in your credit card to securely store your personal data e.

How To Keep Your Tarot Cards Safe

CHIP is a more effective counter-measure against counterfeit and skimming fraud. The microchip stores information more securely than the magnetic stripe, which makes it far harder to fraudulently copy your credit card details. You still need your magnetic stripe on your card to support terminals that haven't yet been upgraded to CHIP technology. You will also be able to see the CHIP on your card — a small metallic square on the left-hand side of your card above your card number.

How we keep your credit cards secure

Some countries like the UK require your PIN to verify purchases instead of signing and we recommend that you always know your PIN when travelling overseas. Kanban Cards are how we keep our shipping station organized. Each individual part, whether it be a nut, screw, washer, or circuit board has a card of its own. Once a part runs out of stock or reaches its minimum amount, the card is placed in a bin in our shipping station that lets the planner on the card know more need to be ordered; or, if the order is urgent, the card can go directly to the planner.

The Cards We Keep Part 2

Each card tells us things such as what the part is needed for, where to find more in house, and where to order more if needed. Below is a breakdown of each individual aspect of the cards we use:.

The part number matches the manufacturer part number of the supplier, making it easier to find and order additional parts. The part description denotes which part each card is for, letting us grab parts we need without having to look up the part number on the supplier website to double check. The Lead Time is the amount of time it will take to get new parts in or made, letting us know how far in advance to order new stock.

This Quantity is the maximum amount of stock we usually keep. If the part is one piece in a kit or larger product, this box also tells us how many kits can be made with the maximum stock.