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A basic language course on LP, plus a page reference booklet. Features: how to tune a guitar; basic position fundamentals; music staff, note values, rest values; chord and rhythm chart for 14 songs; bass note plus chords. Accompanying piano music by Eric Valinsky. Recorded at the Parks College Of St. The correct method to teach your parakeet to talk!

Designed to play along to, but great for listening! Flip side has same songs, minus commentary. Perfect for Ornithology buffs. As a performer he was billed as 'Mr. Compiled by J.

John Northern

Look Great! This is the original pre-Capitol pressing, made for radio stations only! Where's The Champagne? Ry Cooder is interviewed on Side Back cover has script for DJ to give interview. Has "secret" message in the run-out groove at end of side 2, not available on the UK edition. Produced in London by Fred Robbins. Includes 5-page DJ script. The idea is for the DJ to pretend Paul is live in the studio. Includes guide script for DJ to ask questions as if Grace Slick was there in the studio, in person. Includes quiz sheet insert which you would use to send your answers in to win a trip to the Olympics in Munich, Germany!

Gatefold cover Freberg Ltd. Timothy Leary; Mrs. Orchestra under the direction of Paul Weston. The LP was pulled from the market due to lawsuit over the mock 'Deutsche Grammophon' cover artwork.


Includes "Je T'Aime A pre-cursor to his "Electric Lucifer" LP. Samuel J. Froberger on a vintage Clavichord: Tombeau De M. Back cover Autographed! Side-1 is Harry Partch in Stereo. Great kitschy cover art!


You add the Melody! Based on Bobby Seale's book. Original score by John Cacavas, text by H.

The Union has a deluxe illustrated page book attached, The Confederacy an illustrated page book attached. Allan Nevins provides additional text to The Union. Drums by Dana Rose. Side A: Mrs. Miller sings; Side B: Misc. The most unusual sacred record ever recorded! Preaching from the stage of the famous 'Sho-Bar' strip club, home of Blaze Starr! Oswald Hoffmann, presented by the St. Alvarez A. Jameson A. Long A. Bax A. Byer A. Clark A. Cesti A. Cowper A.

Hordes: Metamorphosis

Drea A. Coldiron A. Morris A. Macdonell A. Gurmankin A. RussellWood A. Zaikov A. Barker A. Lloyd A. Rees A. Wilson A. Nasedkin A. Ninan A. Crawford A. Unlimited A. Rahman A. Byatt A. Mott A. Publishing A. Schnittke A.

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