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Die Stone Skala Schuld und Sühne

How very very wonderful that you feel that way too! I also would have loved to have known him.

"Sühne" English translation

Aber er hat den "Weg ins Freie" genommen, und das ist recht so. What can I say, it actually made me cry a little. My dear Jo, you have no idea how your comment has touched me. What happened, happened. But that it happened cannot be so easily accepted.

“From the great beyond into the present” - interview with Jo Lendle: Goethe-Institut

I rebel: against my past, against history, and against a present that places the incomprehensible in the cold storage of history and thus falsifies it in a revolting way. Nothing has healed, and what perhaps was already on the point of healing in is bursting open again as an infected wound.

To me the opposite seems to be true. It is also more binding as a basic formula of Jewish existence. If to myself and the world, including the religious and nationally minded Jews, who do not regard me as one of their own, I say: I am a Jew, then I mean by that those realities and possibilities that are summed up in the Auschwitz number. First delivered as radio addresses, [3] the essays appeared in book form in , published by the Szczesny-Verlag in Munich.

I only wanted to describe their condition—which is unchangeable. Their experiences can be defined only as a negation of a positive identity, as damage. His own torture experience is defined, in a phenomenological description, as a physical overwhelming by the other person that is tantamount to an existential consummation of destruction, for the person being tortured can expect no help. The exiled Jews of the Third Reich simultaneously lost, along with their home and security, their entitlement to a past.

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He comes to the conclusion that as a non-believing and assimilated Jew, it is his destiny and duty to be a Jew as long as there is still a single anti-Semite alive and the social reality provides grounds for concern. In some places, that reception can be reduced to this work alone, which can be considered canonical to some degree. In the decades following his death in , there was a sharp decrease in the reception of his writings. Sebald, Gerhard Scheit, and Stephan Steiner. Farben Building in Frankfurt am Main. Revolte in der Resignation. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, Scheit, Gerhard: Afterword.

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Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, , pp. Sebald, W. Heidelberg: Winter, , pp. In the context of the crimes of National Socialism, it was something completely unheard of.