Paulina ao Piano (Portuguese Edition)

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I started taking photographs several years ago, when I opened my Instagram account. Right now, I have thousands of followers in this social network and I've managed my own website, where you can see a lot of my pictures. I currently work from my studio in Gamla stan with focus on food, portraits, interior design, architecture and garden. My pictures can be seen mainly in books, magazine and ads. Sune Jonsson Swedish photographer because of his classic photography and pictures that are genuine and illustrates authenticity. I'm working as a freelancer and recently also as a member of the Syfon Studio.

In my work I try to combine visual intuition and engineering education. My favorite projects are visual identifications for modern interiors and exhibitions in cooperation with recognized Warsaw's architectural studios. Portfoliobox is simple and intuitive in use, plus I don't need to worry about the domain, hosting and encoding :. Through fine-art photography and its digital potential I try to explore the world in my way. Portfoliobox is a great and friendly way to create an art portfolio or a website with your artwork easy to be sent anywhere. It gives you enough abilities to make it look professional especially when you are a fan of minimalistic design.

I'm a photo retoucher and CGI artist based in Tokyo for 25 years. I've opened up this industry as a pioneer. Now I'm in NYC! My name is Mika Suutari. I'm a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland. I love to capture night. In photography the best is a clear sky, the misty fields in the morning and just listen to the sounds of nature. In those moments I forget everything else and only concentrate on taking pictures.

I have always wanted a mystical feel and powerful athmosphere to my pictures. I have three children so that at night is the best times to photograph ;. I wanted to modernize my website. I Think about the many different options and the end, I chose Portfoliobox. It's easy to make your own look and update is easy.

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It costs, but it is worth it. I am a photographer living in Jackson, TN. I work full-time as a product photographer for a national retail chain. In my free time, I also take pictures, write, and edit for a local web and print publication called Our Jackson Home. I do freelance work for friends and families. And I enjoy shooting film and experimenting with double exposures, mostly with an old Yashica camera I inherited from my uncle. I like its simplicity. Both aesthetically and practically.

I feel like I was able to easily build a portfolio that presents my work in a very straight forward way. Currently I'm pursuing my higher-studies in contemporary arts. Since early age I've been inspired by cinematography, so I love to create images with a visual style that possesses a very personal take on emotion, color, and light.

My current body of work consists of fashion editorials and commissioned work for designers, magazines as well as a glimpse inside Paris Fashion Week as I work behind the scenes regularly. Additionally, the support team is very friendly and ready to help solve any problem, and that's pretty awesome!

My name is Joanna Ben Souissi, I am a fashion photographer, producer and consultant based in Tunisia. I have been a dreamer all my life until the day I realised there was a way to materialise those dreams, and that was fashion photography. I like to create series in which the clothing is a tool to set the story and enrich the persona. Porfoliobox's high level of personalization potential has offered me the possibility to create a site that is a faithful reflection of my work and activities, without having to spend a fortune on it - at a time when I just couldn't, or get into complicated backoffice settings.

Thanks for that guys :. I have been travelling for the past 11 years, and am currently based in Madrid. Change is important for my creativity, Although sometimes I like to settle in a place longer to absorb the culture. The simplicity, it doesn't add much extra work in times where everyone is very busy.

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I live in Strasbourg and I'm 28 years old. My portfolio shows my photographer and stylist work. Most of the time, I do both for my clients and I mostly photograph ordinary objects or clothing. I am also a lifestyle and culture journalist and a coordinator of cultural projects.

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  • I like the full range of services offered by Portfoliobox. I have subscribed to the Pro offer, thinking I would only use the Pro layout and I ended up buying a domain name and creating an email address. If one day I want to start an eshop, it's fully integrated, etc.


    I'm an architect specialized in earthen constructions as well as an illustrator, based in Lyon, France. In both fields I like to delve into the materiality of human feelings, and to represent our interactions with spaces. Portfoliobox is a great and user-friendly platform. Its flexible use gives me the possibility of the clean, sober and minimalist layout I like, to communicate on art and architectural works.

    I am a freelance photographer from Munich, Germany and my subject matter focuses on architecture, interiors and portrait work. My photos are characterized by well balanced, symmetrical compositions with linear treatment. Portfoliobox is a beautiful, simple and clean solution to showcase my portfolio. I just love it. My name is Gerd Braun, I am a fashion and people photographer from central Germany.

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    Portfoliobox has a great look and I love to play with all the different settings you can choose from. The price is very fair and editing your own site is very simple, too.

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    My name is Thomas Ebert. I am a professional advertising photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Since I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund in the early th, I have worked in numerous photographic fields and in numerous places abroad. This included a 4 year period of residence in Paris, France. My work ranges between architectural - and people photography, it is often driven by a passion for technical issues. I pursue personal projects as well as commercial work in still- and moving images. My commissioned work includes corporate photography and video, advertising campaigns and editorial publications.

    I have choosen Portfoliobox because of the large variety of the templates which allowed me best to give my homepage the structure I needed. My visual style is dark and melancholy, sometimes with a slightly morbid touch; mostly, though, I try to find beauty in darkness. I work with both digital and analogue formats, and love experimenting with different techniques. Portfoliobox is great as the user interface is simple and quick, while offering lots of creative possibilities and versatility.

    I used to work with WordPress, but I found it too time-consuming for my needs. Portfoliobox has all the features I need and makes it easy to keep my website updated and looking good. Started taking photos about 3 years ago because I was looking for a creative outlet. I love taking portraits with a blend of fashion and or conceptual. I have always said that if I could paint then I would do that instead.

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    So now I am focusing on learning, but it will probably end up in or on my photos in the end. I love to just choose nice designs, coding is not something my temper allows. And good support. I'm Nicolas, a photographer and architecture student from Germany. I like to think of myself as a person who is fascinated by life's aesthetic.