La rivoluzione della luna (La memoria) (Italian Edition)

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Released as soundtrack of the eponymous film, the album is worth mentioning because it includes some good tracks, only available on singles, by The Trip that are the main characters in the film and New Trolls , along with some mainstream pop. All studio recordings, many of these were released on singles. A promo-only single RCA PM with similar cover was also released, containing short excerpts of the album tracks.

The CD was released in a limited numbered issue and is now difficult to find. The two tracks by The Trip were also included in their first LP. Usually considered one of the most important festivals of the time, the 1st "Festival d'Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze", held in Viareggio in June was used by Ariston as a title for this LP aimed at promoting some of the label's progressive artists. In fact the LP offers a very limited picture of the festival, only including three groups. Particularly interesting are the tracks by I Top 4 , a group that had only released three commercial singles in on Victory label; the three tracks included here could have been the start of a new career, but the band disappeared from the musical scenes.

All studio recordings, the Nuova Idea track was also released on their first album In the beginning , while Immagine by I Top 4 was also on a Victory single.

A very rare compilation dedicated by Fonit to Radio Montecarlo, a very important source of good music for Italian fans. This popular radio station organised a rock contest for unknown artists in and some of the bands that took part in it were featured in this compilation, most of them with otherwise unreleased tracks.

Conceived as a budget price sampler of the newly born Bla Bla label, the Tarzan compilation has gradually become one of the rarest and most expensive items on that collectible label. Whether the compilation is worth the high price demanded is up to you, the CD reissue is much cheaper. A new CD reissue on BTF, with gatefold mini-LP cover and 6 bonus tracks, has been released in to replace the old Artis re-edition, which was now impossible to find.

Prehistoric sound by Osage Tribe was also from a single, while their remaining two tracks, Hajenhanhowa and Crazy horse were excerpts from album tracks the latter originally called Soffici bianchi veli. Not too rare to find and including tracks already on the LP's, this album is interesting because it has a newspaper cover in the same style as Jethro Tull's Thick as a brick. All the tracks come from the albums released by the above artists on RCA in A mid-price double album with gatefold cover, this included all live recordings all in mono and not great sound quality taken from a series of concerts held at Rome's Trianon in to promote young artists.

There's very little rock or prog in this compilation, but some interesting jazz-rock tracks by the likes of Perigeo and Toni Esposito and a good appearance by Stradaperta both on their own and as backing musicians for a young Antonello Venditti. Taken from the 6th edition of the "Festa del proletariato giovanile" organized in Milan, at Parco Lambro in June by the Re Nudo magazine, the album is a faithful document of what open-air festival were about in mid 70's, with strong political contents going over the music.

The result is very fragmented and can be boring at times for the rock fans. Organised to raise funds to help Area 's singer Demetrio Stratos in his expensive treatments against his illness, the concert became a tribute to the singer after his sudden death. Held in Milan, at Arena Civica on 14th June , it was attended by around 60, people.

Many of the artists were last minute additions to the concert set, and the overall feeling coming from both the double LP and the TV broadcast released at the time is of an improvised happening. Once again, as in the Parco Lambro LP, the musical contents seem to play a minor part, in this case against the sadness that emerges from many artists' exhibitions. A rare and little-known label sampler especially made by L'Orchestra for radio stations to promote some of the Italian artists signed to the label, along with the international group Art Bears.

All the tracks come from LP's except Uccellin del bosco by Picchio Dal Pozzo , only issued on a rare flexi-disc included with the early copies of their second LP Abbiamo tutti i suoi problemi. A rare to find beautiful CD compilation that was included with one of the first pressings of Paolo Barotto's book Il ritorno del pop italiano , and sadly never reissued. An out of print sampler from Mellow, mixing old and new Italian prog artists, this includes, among the others, the rare Dietro Noi Deserto Antonius Rex single tracks. A compilation CD with an accompanying book on the evolution of rock in Florence since the 70's, this mainly concentrates on the late 70's-early 80's new wave scene but also includes tracks by Sensations' Fix and Bella Band.

A not particularly interesting compilation, which includes album and singles tracks, this is aimed at beginners on their first approach to the Italian Prog style.

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