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I want to emphasize that I despise politics wholeheartedly: thus I am neither a Bolshevik, nor a National Socialist, nor an Anti-Semite. I am a neutral Swiss and even in my own country I am uninterested in politics, because I am convinced that 99 per cent of politics are mere symptoms and anything but a cure for social evils.

The politics of political literature: Kawakabi, Azouri and Jung

About 50 per cent of politics is definitely obnoxious inasmuch as it poisons the utterly incompetent mind of the masses. We are on guard against contagious diseases of the body, but we are exasperatingly careless when it comes to the even more dangerous collective diseases of the mind. I make this statement in order to disillusion any attempt to claim me for any particular political party. I have some reason for it, since my name has been repeatedly drawn into the political discussion, which is, as you best know, in a feverish condition actually. It happened chiefly on account that I am interested in the undeniable differences in national and racial psychology, which chiefly account for a series of most fatal misunderstandings and practical mistakes in international dealings as well as in internal social frictions.

In a politically poisoned and overheated atmosphere, the sane and dispassionate scientific discussion of such delicate, yet most important problems has become well-nigh impossible. To discuss such matters in public would be about as successful as if the director of a lunatic asylum were to set out to discuss the particular delusions of his patients in the midst of them. You know, the tragicomical thing is that they are all convinced of their normality as much as the doctor himself of his own mental balance.

Good stuff. I wonder what Jung would say about the U. See next post:.

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Not only due of his insightful brilliance, but for the sake of all of us U. He'd probably write a few volumes on it too. Word for word this whole snippet I think still applies in a huge way. I can understand why Jung would feel this way, as someone who lived through the horrors of the Second World War; and as a Swiss, a country with a very temperate and as he calls it neutral political culture. However, to me this is something that can be said only by someone who has a significant level of material comfort. There's no time for apathy when you can't pay your bills. For most people, politics is a vehicle for fighting for their interests, even if it is just at a civic level.

Politics is the assuaging, and synthesis of conflicts in the civic and public sphere, not something that is meant to cause conflicts. I have seen Jung call Hitler the embodiment of a nation's Shadows, if he is then there are actors and initiators of positive transformation in politics too. But I think there are heroes as well as shadows in the polis. In a letter to the American columnist Dorothy Thompson, [75] Jung set out a list of specific suggestions for how we might best respond to the reality we were facing.

Jung on Politics - Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences

This was in the context of the Cold War, and our dealings with Soviet aggressions. In the order given in his letter, these suggestions are to:.

Confront our shadow, as individuals and as a society. In fact, ISIS, with its barbarism, medieval attitudes and incomprehensible cruel terrorism, is probably more of deep shadow for us than the Soviet Union ever was. Realize that we are not immune. Everything we complain about in others we can find in ourselves. We are as vulnerable to terrorist attacks as Paris, London, Madrid [80] and other places. For all its barbarity, Russia had and has a certain capacity for rational thinking and diplomacy. They will itch to pull the trigger. Eleven years later, Dwight Eisenhower expressed the same warning in his Farewell Address.

Jung has some other suggestions for us: We must seek self-knowledge.

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One way in which we need to doubt the rightness of our assumptions relates to our attitude toward power. As noted above, we currently define power in terms of military might, or the ability to force other people to do our will. Jung recognized that this is not true power. One should not be afraid of losing it.

One gains more peace through losing power. Spirituality promotes humility, love and peace. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Toronto: Inner City Books.

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Jung, C. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters , ed.

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Nietzsche, Friedrich , The Portable Nietzsche, ed. Walter Kaufmann.

Pol-Psych | Politics and Psychoanalysis: Chasing the shadow with CG Jung

New York: Penguin Books. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. New York: Penguin Press.

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Hereafter Collected Works will be abbreviated CW. This quote reminded me of the madness of ISIS and the jihadist terrorists they inspire. Italics in the original. Bush used this phrase, referring to Iran and North Korea.

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The Soviet ideal was the Marxian concept of proletariat communitarianism. Edinger and Jaffe You must be logged in to post a comment. The polarization of the two-party system, and the inability of certain elements of the public to hear and take in scientific information e. In the order given in his letter, these suggestions are to: Confront our shadow, as individuals and as a society. London: Rider.