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Yeovil Literary Festival - Yeovil Library 2pm. Bristol Literary Festival - Waterstones 7pm. Dark Stories and Disturbing Tales. They will discuss their inspiration, and how they produce haunting and explosive storytelling that grips the reader to the very end. A fascinating evening with five writers at the peak of their genre. UK Jane Gentle. US Carolyn Coleburn. Email : schuirazzi penguinrandomhouse.

You should know your market, word counts, presentation, forbidden and well-worn themes, etc, as this will save you potential heartache and frustration later on. Editors can usually tell in the first sentence and certainly the first paragraph, if it will be what they are looking for.


We all love stories that make us laugh and cry. And think.

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Broaden our horizons a little. Educate us. Entertain us in some way. Do your research. Check your facts before you send in your story. Get someone else to read your story for you, too. A fresh eye is vital. Put it to one side and start on something new.

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You might want to go back to your original story another day, or you might not. Nothing is wasted; incorporate bits of it into your next story, if you can. Plots not strong enough. Weak and jokey endings. Far-fetched plots. Try again. Stick a surprise in there somewhere, an unexpected but not too far-fetched twist, strengthen the plot, tweak the ending.

Or even, in some cases, cutting two pages down to one. If you are stuck on a story, try this tip: If your story is in the first person, try it in the third, or vice versa. It could turn out to be a completely different story. Editors know what their readers want and usually have years of experience and market research behind them. Take any advice on the chin and learn from it. Be flexible. Build a good relationship with your editors.

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The activity is simply to imagine your life without a top strength. Participants in this study felt better having thought of themselves without something positive. When you think about it, this is counter-intuitive. Interestingly, when we think about boosting happiness and success, the pathways forward typically involve adding something like mindfulness or positive emotions.

This evidence-based activity is different. The descriptors become energizing again. I encourage you to see for yourself. Below are the steps you can take. Be sure to find a quiet space and a or minute block of time. Now step back and look at the big picture. Sometimes in a workshop setting, tears begin to flow. This activity can strike an inner chord about who we are and what we value most in life, like the capacity to:.

Sarah Kernochan talks reincarnation, karma, and JANE WAS HERE 2

Imagining oneself and life without these capacities can feel painful. This is not an image of a flourishing life. Unfortunately, sometimes life does feel this difficult. Or worse. In order to finish on a positive note, please repeat step 2.

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Do not end this intervention without repeating the second step:. Notice how you use it each day in different parts of your life — with family, friends, or colleagues. Picture how it helps you connect with someone, achieve something, or simply feel happy.

Focus on how you think, act, and feel when engaging this strength.

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Trust me, I skipped this step once myself to save time. It led me down a pathway of negativity that was hard to shake off the rest of the day. Enjoy this newfound appreciation of you and a key trait that helps you function at your most authentic and best.

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Cherish this part of you. Bring it forth with abandon.

There is only one of you, and there is only one life for you to lead.