Ira Fistell’s Mark Twain: Three Encounters

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A veteran of 38 years on the air as a radio and TV personality, Ira Fistell is also a writer, teacher and lecturer with a wide range of interests.

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He has been fascinated by the works and life of Mark Twain for more than forty years and offers new insights into both. A native of Chicago, Ira now lives in California. Sehemu zilizofichwa. Chati maarufu.

IRA Fistell's Mark Twain: Three Encounters

Ongeza kwenye Orodha ya matamanio. Ira Fistells Mark Twain: Three Encounters begins with a perceptive analysis of the authors major novels which will be a revelation to any reader of Twain. Ira proves that Tom Sawyer is anything but a kids book; explains why the ending of Huckleberry Finn, often dismissed as just cheating, is actually the most brilliant part of the book; makes sense of the confusing and difficult Connecticut Yankee; and discovers the tragedy in The Tragedy of Puddnhead Wilson.

Then this book explores how the places Twain live affected what he wrote, and concludes with a stunning explanation of the authors terrible guilt in his later years. No other study of Twain and his work compares with this one: it is the essential book on this subject. Following the assassination, rockets were fired on Noam Weissman , Nov.

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Ira Fistell - Ira Fistell's Mark Twain - Part 1

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