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There were too many attacks by incubi to deny them. Such sleep paralysis was widely considered the work of demons, and more specifically incubi , which were thought to sit on the chests of sleepers.

They are similar to succubi and incubi , feeding off the emotions and life force of their prey. Browse incubation.


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Definition of incubus. First Known Use of incubus 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. While the cultural particulars vary, we can describe most of these maras as demonic in nature.

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Even the alien abduction experience, which serves as a frequent modern wrapping for the experience, involves a frightening, physical assault by an unearthly being. But one of the more elaborate and overtly sexual maras comes to us from the world of Christian demonology: the ghastly and erotic dance of the incubi and succubi.

Incubi and Succubi: Crushing Nightmares and Sex-Craving Demons – Part I

The incubus or "that which lies upon" is a masculine, shapeshifting demon that takes the form of an attractive man to engage sexually with a female victim. The succubus or "that which lies beneath," serves as the feminine counterpart, preying upon male victims in the guise of a beautiful woman. In both cases, however, a pair of bestial feet was present to alert faithful Christians to the infernal con.

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According to 15th-century Bishop Alonso Tostado, the incubus and succubus were simply two forms of the same demonic entity. Tostado theorized that a succubus lies with a man in order to collect his semen and then morphs into an incubus to fertilize a female with the ill-gotten seed. In other words, it's all an elaborate artificial insemination scheme to produce satanic children. Demon-on-human sex was a subject of surprising complexity in 15th-century Europe.