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And for a TV movie, production design and sets are surprisingly detailed and lavish. The only real weaknesses are an unnecessary subplot, and an intimidating thirty-minute intro. Given those constraints, this film offers some terrific whodunit entertainment. An excellent adaptation of the book - and a more human Dalgliesh than Roy Marsden's portrayal martinu-2 21 February As always, P D James has written a very good and intriguing story.

The adaptation is faithful to the book: nothing much is added or taken out. However maybe the explanation of the murderer's motives was glossed over a little. Martin Shaw's portrayal is arguably less faithful to the character as P D James writes it, but portrays him as a more human, likable character. I always found Roy Marsden's portrayal and his description in P D James's books to be stern, humourless, aloof, distant and with no likable qualities or little human failings that I could identify with.

I liked the subplot about his girlfriend. It showed his vulnerability and his awkwardness with women; the letter that he wrote to her at the end I won't spoil it by mentioning the subject was very moving. I agree that characters of Dalgliesh's two inspectors weren't really developed properly they aren't in the book either.

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One of the slight failings of the Dalgliesh books and TV series are that the relationship between Dalgliesh and his sidekicks isn't strong enough that they can confide in each other, in the way that Morse and Lewis or Wexford and Burden do. The acid test of a "good" TV detective, aside from their deductive qualities, is whether you like them as a person and could imagine yourself discussing a case with them over a pint.

With Morse, Frost or Wexford, this is easy to imagine; with Dalgliesh, especially as portrayed by Roy Marsden, I suspect that the conversation would be a bit tense and there would be lots of long silences!

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  • At least it is easier to imagine having a drink and a chat with Martin Shaw's version of Dalgliesh. Dame P.

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    James is one of the most respected and revered mystery writers of our times. At ripe age of89 she still writes marvelous books. I saw the other TV adaptations of her novels made on BBC, and they were done with great flair and creativity. Unfortunately, this TV movie wasn't done with the same flawless style as the previous installments. The script was very disjointed and hard to decipher.

    The editing was jerky and illogical. All in all a puzzling experience. Luckily, the saving grace was as usual a great cast of brilliant British actors. Martin Shaw is a good actor, but like most of the other fans I prefer Roy Marsden. As an avid P. Unlike other comments, I feel that the movie must at least be true to the writer's creation of the character's personality.

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    Adam Dagliesh is a classy, private, remote, creative intelligent, sensitive character, not the "Bull In a China Shop" personality that Martin Shaw portrays in Murder Room. Don't get me wrong, I love "Judge Deed" and Shaw's portrayal of him, but his performance simply doesn't fit as James's "Dagliesh" character. Let's dredge Mr. Roy Marsden out of his theater environment for these wonderful new productions of P. James excellent novels and enjoy his accurate and creative interpretation of the Dagliesh character. In closing I must say that the film itself was well written, well directed, and true to the novel.

    This feels to me like a pretty poor adaptation of a PD James book. The first espisode can almost be ignored completely. The editing in the initial 50 mins is awful But for me the real problem is that all the characters in the film are simply unpleasant. Dalgliesh's 2 junior officers seem to hate each so much that he let's let bicker and insult each other continually during the investigation.

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    • Would a Commander at the Met really let that happen during a murder investigation? All the other characters in the drama are awful people, with something to hide, and seemingly no redeeming features. OK Sian Phillips character is nice. It adds no value to stories ever. In this adaptation Dalgliesh is made out to be a complete fool with Dr Lavenham. The meal they almost have after 48 mins in Esp 1 - he really goes out on a date with an incredibly beautiful Cambridge Don with his phone on?

      The Murder Room

      But before he mobile rings, he is simply dithering in front of a "perfect woman". Dalgliesh is super smart Met Commander and a poet!

      But incapable of expressing himself on a date BTW they pour their own wine in a fancy restaurant - inconceivable that could happen. In the second episode the pace picks up and isn't bad. Finally, I do not think that Shaw makes Dalgliesh any more human than Marsden. Marsden's performances are more nuanced. But Shaw is a fine actor, and does a good job here. Overall I think "A taste for death" is the best TV adaptation. James, is an excellent whodunit starring Martin Shaw as Adam Dalgliesh, and that's the problem right there.

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      Though a fine actor, he just isn't Dalgliesh for me. I remember the old series starring Roy Marsden as being more exciting.

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      The story concerns a lease about to expire on a family museum, and there is one holdout, Neville Dupayne, who does not want to re-sign. Neville, a doctor, thinks the money could be put to medical use. When Neville dies in what appears to be a copycat murder of a display in the Murder Room, Commander Dalgleish is brought in. He has a lot of suspects to choose from -- the victim's brother and sister, museum employees who stood to lose their jobs, his secretary who is also his ex-mistress, and others. It's interesting that even with a council that covered so much ground, they missed asking about how the bodies were found or if there were any unusual substances at the crime scene.

      The epsom salt thing would have more or less pinpointed Dick as the murderer. I wish they would have asked the detective at the end if it was just the actor who stumbled or if it was an in-character slip. When Barbara asked dick about one of the murdered couples by name he said he just saw them waiting for their uber.

      Then later when she did he didn't know them by name. The last major question I had was why didn't the killer hide the bodies of the victims like he did with the previous couple? Cake Day.

      Murder in the Red Room

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