How to Re-invent Your Life: Making the Choice for Change

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What criteria will I use? Having a plan of action in place, is, of course, fantastic. It will certainly help you get started along your journey.

3 Simple Steps to Reinvent Your Life after 50: How to Create the Life You Really Want

However, no journey will ever be as smooth as we imagine it to be. As such, your life reinvention journey will probably be riddled with an array of challenges and obstacles that you will need to face and overcome. How could I sabotage my own progress? There are, of course, numerous ways you could sabotage your progress. For instance, holding onto limiting beliefs , unhelpful thoughts , making excuses , emotional upheavals , and a lack of responsibility or accountability could become your downfall.

In addition to this, succumbing to fear , to uncertainty , procrastination , self-criticism , or getting caught up in the instant gratification trap will very swiftly sabotage all your hope of change and transformation.

2. Reinvent Yourself by Rebooting an Area of Your Life.

Resistance is a natural part of change and transformation. Sooner or later, you will face it. And how you deal with this resistance will determine whether or not you successfully reinvent yourself in the end. This is where having a clear plan of attack is essential to your success. Without a plan of attack, you will face uncertainty.

But with a plan of action in place, you have concrete steps you can follow that will help you get through any obstacle or challenge you face.

7 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

All it takes now is to get started. Take your first step and begin the process of change and transformation. You will still face challenges that will derail your efforts at times. However, you can certainly train yourself to handle unexpected challenges in more optimal ways.

For instance, when facing problems, adopt a solution-oriented mindset. Instead of complaining about the problem, or indulging in self-pity, challenge yourself to find a solution that can help move you forward. You will, of course, make mistakes along this journey. Things will happen, and errors will be made. Instead of cursing yourself for making these mistakes, try to learn from them to help improve your efforts the next time around.

One of the best ways to confront challenges is to take an experimental approach to problem-solving. This essentially means embodying a scientific mentality where everything you do becomes an experiment. Study the data and learn from every experiment, then make adjustments moving forward. Yes, you might get delayed, but you will eventually find your way through any challenge.

And, if at some point you do actually get stuck, then take time to ask for help.

12 Scientifically Proven Ways to Reinvent Yourself

Approach other people who have successfully reinvented themselves and transformed their life. Approach people who have similar goals, values, and passions, and ask for their help, perspective or guidance. You can even explore opportunities for cooperation. Alternatively, you can find a mentor who can be your guide along your journey toward transformation.

To successfully reinvent yourself you will need a strong support network of people who will be there for you during the tough times. Take time to find these people and actively work on strengthening the bonds that tie the both of you together. No journey of change and transformation is easy. However, as long as you persist and persevere , you will eventually get there. In the end, no matter what happens, be sure to celebrate all your successes. Yes, we all desperately want to reach that end goal.

However, real joy can only be found along the journey and in our continued growth and development. Consider for a moment that your journey of total life reinvention actually has no end. Therefore, this journey of total life reinvention is a continuous evolution of change and transformation. Given this, a commitment to total life reinvention must be a lifelong commitment. We must always be in continuous motion reinventing ourselves and a multitude of ways every single day of our lives.

How to reinvent yourself

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Now I write consistently and my goal each day is to become a better writer. Human beings are wired for growth and accomplishment. I smoked a lot of weed — like a lot a lot. I also smoked tobacco and drank quite a bit. All of those were unhealthy for me. My life changed when I found something positive to replace those vices with. Exercise and learning became my new addictions. Your vices might be there to fill a hole in your life. Find something positive to fill it with. Positive role models can have a major impact on your life.

Find somebody you want to be like and learn everything about them — their story, what they did to become successful, their high and low points. Having someone to look up to keeps you inspired. Seeing where someone started and what they did to accomplish great things will motivate you to do the same. Self-awareness is crucial to living a good life. Think about what you want to do with your life — not what your parents, friends, or society wants you to do.

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Study yourself. You become what you think about most. Can you take an online course and learn a new skill? Can you reach out to people with the type of job you want and ask them how they got it?