How to Find a Babysitter

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Find A Babysitter, a meeting place for Parents & Babysitters

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Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Bambino, which launched in , is an app that connects families and sitters through Facebook networks, so it's always easy to find a sitter recommended by a friend. Sitters enjoy using the app as well. Brianna Rocha, an elite sitter on the app, is able to book between three and five jobs a week in her neighborhood. VIDEO The Bottom Line. For parents looking to find babysitters, here are some helpful tips. Look to your local community. Most apps do not allow sitters under 18 to join their platforms; Bambino is an exception.

If you're comfortable with a younger teen watching your children, there are other ways to find childcare. Religious communities are always a good place to find a network of sitters, especially if there is a local youth group. If your child is involved in sports or takes swimming lessons, ask if you can leave a card for the coaches at your local YMCA.

What To Do

You can also reach out to local babysitting classes in your area and ask for resources or recommendations. Both the Red Cross and Safesitter have classes for babysitters across the country. Have your own background check protocol. While apps like Bambino do verify parents and sitters and include background checks for added security, parents can and should assess the character of any babysitter they hire.

How does it work

There are free resources available that parents can check, such as the National Sex Offender Public Website for registered offenders, facts and statistics as well as other resources. Parents can also search their state registries.

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In addition, parents can ask for social media handles a resume or LinkedIn profile as well as professional references from potential sitters. Do a test run with one or both parents present.

Where to start

Have an introduction with a new sitter and your children while one or both parent is at home. This gives you a chance to see how a sitter will interact with your children and help familiarize them to a new face. If they do not pay attention to your baby and only speak with you then you want to find someone else.

Babysitting 101 and Tips!!

You also want to check their references. Finally, you should write a job description of what you want your nanny or babysitter to do when caring for your infant. Always remember your most precious gift is your baby which your caretaker should also feel and understand too. If you have a friend s who is raising a child the way you want to raise yours, ask them for recommendations. Just make sure they are trusted sources.

  1. Search local sitters;
  2. Find a Babysitter!
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  5. Check out the Mommybites resources section! You could also go to your local park and see how the nannies are interacting with the children.

    Finding a nanny or babysitter can be very stressful. In my opinion, the best way to find a nanny is through a personal reference. If a nanny has worked for somebody you know, or even for a friend of a friend, you are starting off with a trusted recommendation. I remember starting the search for my nanny when my daughter was 6 months old.

    Choosing and Instructing a Babysitter

    Low and behold, a woman from my playgroup told me her college friend was looking to find her nanny a new job since her kids were older. A few weeks later she became my full time nanny and I have had her now for over 5 years! So my first suggestion is to put out the feelers to everyone you know. For example, if you live in the tri-state area you could check out our nanny listings as a great way to start!