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I think their relationship works in terms of the story and Haworth succeeds in developing what happens between them in a way that feels natural to the reader. Real-life Magic! I loved this book immediately.

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The characters and their coming of age real-world dilemmas were woven seamlessly into an alternate reality where magic was a natural pillar. The interplay of a new realm of spirituality with compulsive collecting and the chemistry of two different worlds I mean it blew me away!

I appreciated the daring of the author to blend LGBT, race, religion, and politics into this narrative. She successfully created a world that I want to know more about. Everything is new and different. Scott and Nick were just striking up what could be more than friendship when Scott suddenly develops telepathy. Nick is pouring all his grief and feelings of loss into an obsessive need to collect figurines from comic books.

The comics are founded on religious stories Scott knows. The two young men have a reason to be around each other, that they have someone who is helping them make sense of changes in their life is a bonus. This book felt more YA than I usually prefer, but I still enjoyed the read. Growing up sucks. Frequently our first experiences with adulthood highlight our powerlessness in the world.

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Nick lost his mother at an early age. Learning that life is about managing awful outcomes is a big disappointment. And you have to manage that, too. I like the world building here. The empire seems… kindly enough. I liked the level of detail in the pantheon.

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I also really liked tying in the ways in which the empire uses religion to its own end. There is both a sweetness and a poignancy to this book. A little predictability, too. Apr 14, Lyra rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , lgbtqia , paranormal , contemporary , romance. I rather enjoyed this book, for all that I feel it may have been a little more ambitious than it could actually handle.

Haworth did not go half-way in going for a fictional world. Fictional country, fictional religion, fictional powers, on and on and on. This really made for an interesting world that one could really want to learn about, but. Like, there was a lot of talk about the Empire, but it's never really fleshed out what I rather enjoyed this book, for all that I feel it may have been a little more ambitious than it could actually handle. Like, there was a lot of talk about the Empire, but it's never really fleshed out what the Empire is or what living under the Empire's rule means. Sometimes references are made this is only kind of spoilery, but I'll spoil it anyway view spoiler [like apparently people with certain forms of magic can be forcibly conscripted or something, which would clearly suck, but what exactly this means isn't really gone into hide spoiler ] but overall the Empire is pretty mysterious.

Plus, the gods: there are just so many of them that we certainly don't learn about all of them, and it's hard to keep track of them all.

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This lack of in-depth information on the gods isn't necessarily a bad thing this isn't a treatise on the fictional world, after all , but by the end of the book there's still a lot that is unknown about magic, the gods, the gods role in magic, and all that. I was really excited about the inclusion of a chubby! I loved that biracial wasn't used as coded for either of the parents races as well, but was used as a distinct identity in its own right that occupied its own space.

Go diversity! As is often the case, though, I was a little sad that we only had one such person, and the other character was white; I'm always gunning really hard for books where both characters are POC. I'm absolutely not dinging this book for this it wouldn't be fair, books with two white characters don't get dinged for having two white characters, this is only one book that was telling one story, I don't know if Haworth would have loved to tell a story with more than one POC, etc , but I really want to see more stories with more than one POC main character in it, and it often feels like there is this limit to One Main Character of Color in a book.

I also felt like there was a lot of character development in the book, with both characters making mistakes, changing and growing. It was nice. Sep 27, D.

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Without the random abilities these characters developed this would be the most boring college-based romance novel I have ever read. It was so mundane because it had WAY too much everyday stuff and not enough focus on the magical elements. The whole book had all this stuff going on that never really got committed to. It was there as a decoration instead of something to shape the plot so these guys just walked around doing college stuff and then suddenly talked about their abilities.

The two MCs Scott and Nick met at the beginning of the book and were suddenly perfect for each other. Yeah because they are both boring and had weak character development. They were bonding through religious stuff found in comic books and then the powers that the people in this world develop. Other than that it was really hard to believe this relationship could work. I was so bored. I wanted to enjoy this book but teenage boys are boring to me. The religion aspect of the book was weird. It got really bogged down by this. I understand the author wanted us to learn about this but written this way I lost my interest.

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I wanted way more magic and way less average college life. The writing was good in this book but it lacked a solid plot and interesting characters. Oct 03, Melanie rated it liked it. She has created some great young characters, given them background that I believe people can connect with, along with developing talents that make their lives and story more exciting. Plus a romance and a religion that seems to flow into popular culture via comic books and collectibles which I found intriguing. Dec 02, Jordan Lombard rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , m-m , ebook , own , paranormal , read Fascinating world building, with a biracial, telekinesis teen struggling with the death of his mother and another teen who has just been gifted with the ability to project his thoughts from the Gods.

Very good. Just go read it. Dec 04, Darla rated it it was ok Shelves: queer-romance. Aug 28, Riina Y. I really liked Scott, and Nick was a lot of fun. I enjoyed their journey but it wasn't all what I was hoping it would be. They were sweet together, started out as friends and slowly grew closer. Romance wise this was right up my alley. Relax and enjoy your stay!

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