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Branding Our center of excellence for branding, BFM Brand Lab, shapes brand identities that define the story, guiding vision, and market positioning of human-centered brands. Digital Marketing Our story-driven, sprint-based approach to digital marketing harnesses data to make human connections, helping brands build equity while staying nimble. View Full Portfolio. Explore Insights.

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Marketing Coordinator. Marketers need to update their skills in order to make the most of these fast-moving, and highly relevant campaigns through digital. They need to work closely with data specialists, web developers and social media professionals.

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Charles Wells, chief marketing officer at charity fundraising service JustGiving, told the panel that the marketer of the future needs to combine marketing and creative skills with an understanding of real-time technology. He said his marketing team has data scientists, engineers, developers and user experience experts, who work together in small project teams to try and create growth. This is a radical change from the way traditional marketing departments work, he said.

Just as marketers need to become more savvy about technology, data and analytics, so the technically minded staff on the digital side have to get more creative. They are rising to this challenge, said Wells. A fifth of staff at JustGiving are data strategists whose sole job is to identify patterns from the data the service gathers from millions of charity fundraisers.

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A vital quality for marketers in the fast-changing digital environment is curiosity, rather than any specific technical knowledge, said Adobe digital marketing director John Watton. A question about the effectiveness of digital marketing was raised by audience member Steve Mullins, content director of brand-e. Lisa Bridgett, sales and marketing director at upmarket online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter, answered that marketers ultimately need to rely on their natural intuition rather than on technology.

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She referred to programmatic ad buying, where computers buy and place online ads in an automated way, and said that there are few people who really understand how such technology works. Time and time again it plays out right. So you need to be dextrous in these two different worlds.

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For brands to work effectively together in the digital world, chief marketing officers and chief information officers must work in unison. But this is hard to achieve for many organisations and the two sides can end up in conflict. Pure digital players such as Net-a-Porter that have always been digital are structured for the digital age.

Should it be the chief information officer or the chief marketing officer or perhaps someone from a different department? Meanwhile, Hema Chauhan, marketing executive at agency TMW, asked whether brand teams, technologists or agencies were best placed to implement new technology systems.

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The panel agreed that it is usually agencies who are responsible for this. The question of how businesses should identify the marketers and technologists of the future was raised by Omaid Hiwaizi, chief strategy officer at agency Geometry Global. The panel agreed that having a mix of millennials and more experienced staff was important.

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We re-skill people on the job, we move people from traditional content roles into web content roles and spot opportunities for people to move towards more data roles. Another audience member, Gregory Gillette, insight analyst at agency Heads, asked what kind of skills were needed from those looking to get into marketing. Those looking for a career in marketing must be prepared to bring together the magic of marketing and the science of technology to create powerful and relevant marketing campaigns.

Bridgett summed up the challenge. How has the explosion of digital technology changed marketing?