Der große Gatsby (detebe) (German Edition)

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Some of it may also be due to the fact that Barra was initially conceived by my ex-wife and very dear friend Robyn Drake, and several other women in my books were inspired by her, and Robyn is herself smart, daring, resourceful, often ferocious, and damaged in ways that make her singularly dangerous. Perhaps I just write what I know. We encounter his younger self in Caine Black Knife , but you said once that the younger Caine as we see him in retrospective was only interesting for you in contrast to his older version. What possibilities do you see in telling the story of a more mature hero?

MWS: I have no interest in innocence. I like professionals. I like experts.

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I like intelligent, creative people. I like to watch intelligent professionals exercise their expertise in creative ways. I am quickly — instantaneously — bored by nearly all varieties of fumbling. But your novels also feature the sublime and ways of consolation.

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Where does cynicism, for you, come to its limitations or its end? MWS: Cynicism?

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He knows we can be better than we are. I wrote a story once specifically about the limits of modern-style cynicism or, under its proper name, nihilism. You can find it here.

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It sums up everything I have to say on the subject. BP: Violence as a theme lies at the core of your novels. Is extreme violence an essential tool for telling good stories? What else is there? BP: With characters like Berne and Kollberg, pure evil is shown with human faces, but also with a divine impetus. Do you think that evil as a human trait or even a gift sometimes, because the world seems to need its sociopathic hero requires an institution to unfold?

Or is the disposition towards the path of least resistance ultimately more devastating and prone to institutionalization? In most contexts, for that matter. Not all evil is created equal. To be specific: Berne is what criminal psychologists used to call a malignant narcissist; in his mind, other people exist entirely for his pleasure, from gratifying his basest appetites to merely standing in appropriate awe of the Glory That Is Him.

Kollberg, on the other hand, is a pure Company Man; he measures his personal worth by how well he serves his institution and his society. People are evil. It destroys because we do. But other than most traditional fantasy settings it is also a place to debate surprisingly modern questions and subjects. MWS: Limitations of the fantasy genre?

Are you kidding?

Der große Gatsby to go (F. Scott Fitzgerald in 10,5 Minuten)

All literature is fantasy. The only limitations of fantasy as a thing-in-itself are the skills of its creators and the imaginations of its audience. The closest I ever get to explicating deeper truths is to occasionally share what certain characters believe. For further reference, see my comments above about art and truth and imagination. BP: Speaking of Overworld … how much of it have we seen so far? All of which might be easily squeezed into a chunk of Western Europe.

BP: Escapism in the form of entertainment in an oppressive society, and in a more direct way for Hari leads to exploitation and worse in the Acts of Caine , although the escape is driven by propensity towards violence, not by the yearning for a safe haven.

The following list is far from complete. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Dewey Decimal. Charles Scribner's Sons. Bram Stoker 's Dracula. Mad Monster Party? Dracula " Dracula Dracula Loners may socialize greatly with those in whom they can confide. It takes a long time for this bond to occur and when someone unknown to a loner enters the social group, the loner will automatically shell up.

Shy or lacking self-esteem, some loners can socialize only with people they see constantly. This is in part due to the fact that many are overly self-conscious and believe people are constantly sizing up their attributes. Insecure loners find it excruciating to be in the physical presence of others because they worry they will be judged negatively. Anxiety is a common feature of their social interactions. Self-hatred is sometimes the underlying motivation for why a person may isolate himself or herself. A sense of alienation from society can develop as a result.

While expressing a desire to be alone most of the time, loners do not necessarily reject human contact entirely. Literature Alexander Pope ; English poet. Emily Dickinson ; American novelist. Franz Kafka ; Czech novelist. Lovecraft ; American novelist. Salinger ; American novelist.