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Voir la rubrique Z. Ma Vie d'Expat Bangkok. Expat Etudiant. Le Mag Hong Kong. Tour Eiffel. La CFE : conserver une protection sociale de.


Voir toutes les adresses. But there is no proof. The rule of law, the courts system and a free press have ceased to exist in Algeria.

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Peter waited, tense and expectant. Then, three days later, the Securite Militaire came for him. There was no point in locking the door. They would have broken it down, he said. There were two cars, the plain-clothes cops toting Kalashnikovs and Biretta sub-machine pistols. Once underground, they took off the blindfold and stripped him naked.

The Basement was a large, subterranean room, full of shadows.

Peter took in the scene: a handful of prisoners hanging by their feet or hands from the ceiling, another 15 or so tied by electric flex to chairs. A few bodies lay like discarded rubbish on the floor close by was a severed head. No toilets, just a hole in the ground. The stench was terrible. And then they began to torture him. The first thing they did was to put a sponge filled with soapy water in his mouth and pushed it down his throat.

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This is a very popular torture in Algeria. Then they punched him in the stomach until he was sick. They put his right hand on a table and smashed it with the butt of a gun, breaking a bone. They smashed his right leg, just below the knee, dislocated his left ankle and broke his right ankle.

They applied electrodes to his head, behind his ears and to his genitals.

He has cigarette burns on his hand, arm and foot. They used a soldering iron on his left foot. Then they used the blowtorch on him.

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He pointed to two small burns scars on his forehead. Then he rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and showed a third burn scar, a patch of skin the size of a beermat on his right arm.

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  6. What normally is soft skin was ribbed and hard, like the foot of a chicken. When they used the blowtorch on him, he could smell his flesh burn. Outside, you could hear the rumble of London, buses changing gear, a police siren in the distance, a jumbo tracking into Heathrow. But the world seemed to diminish. We waited until Peter could bring himself to speak. It seemed like hours. I was abused. The torturers accused him of working with the GIA.

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