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It's tough figuring out what other countries get to see and read. The only book I ever wrote specifically with U.

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Consequently, I never published in America again, although I've had a number of best sellers in Europe and my chiller Spanky is about to be filmed in the U. We may get few U. Of course, you're a na- tional magazine and it's hard to cover everything — but some- times, when I'm reading the umpteenth on-set report about a movie that 1 know will tank or never even open, I can't help thinking that you're missing some great stuff in Europe.

Christopher Fowler England For the record, our plans to cover Nightwatch original and remake were scuttled when the director wouldn't talk to us. I'm not sure who Coition O'Keirnan is; we've never met. Thanks, though. Caitlin R.

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Am I reading this correctly? Lynch is my favorite director, and! I'm not necessarily against the idea of o sequel, if it con be done in an original and cre- ative woy, but what about Lynch? Is he involved at all? Has he given consent? Who else is involved in the movie?

I'd really like to know. Lynch is not involved, but like the original, the movie is based on a Barry Gifford novel. I was one of the few people who actually forked out the cash for this film, It was one of Lion Around Never before in my five years at least of reading your magazine have I been more disappointed than 1 am at the lack of coverage of The Ghost and the Darkness, which has to be one of the best films of '96 right up there with The Craft and The Frighteners.

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By no means is this a tame film, as people may think just because Vaf Kilmer and Michael Douglas star. The director as well as the title characters goes for the jugu- lar when showing the lions making a meal of the natives helping build the bridge in Tsavo. The FX are state-of-the- art and, unlike those in Juman- ji, aren't stylized to the point where they seem artificial.

They give the film a supernat- ural aura that enhances the lions and brings them to horri- fying life. And although much of the film deviates from the book it is based on The Man- Eaters of Tsavo , it remains a classic story, pitting man against beast s. I recommend that any genre lover see this film if they are tired of all the Children of the Com sequels and other schlock.

I was completely blown away by Tom Holland's wrifing and direct- ing. I also wontef to comment on Jerimy Nelson's letter Fango Trust me: This virtual remake is no match for the first film. So if you want to see Leatherface again, just rent the original. Kevin L. Getting Testy Kudos to Ryan Harding, whose letter against test screen- ings was about as accurate as you can get, It is sad indeed that whether or not a new horror film is good, it all rests in the hands of o bunch of half-assed mallrots who attended simply because they got a free ticket.

It's also sad tfiat filmmakers, at times, have to completed sab- otage their work simpfy be- cause a bunch of freelcfrtders who probably haven't even heard of FANGORIA don't see their vision of what a true htM- ror film should be. Why not hold test screenings in New York? I can tell you that there are a hell of a lot more horror fcM3s fere than in some Beverly Hills mall.

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Harding's idea of having questionnaires before the screenings is a good one. It assures the filmmakers that these people know a bit about the genre and aren't going to bash it simply because there "isn't enough action" or it seems "too confusing.

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But there is one main culprit Harding didn't mention: the studios. Any smart company should know better than to trust the words of a bunch of obvious non-horror fans. After all, do you really think any other studio would've taken a film like Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and completely removed every bit of coherence and sense sim- ply because of one bad test screening?

Did they really think the version they released was going to please anybody? It seems that some studios think that all horror fans care more about Michael or Pinhead killing a bunch of people than measly little things like sus- pense, a coherent plot or strong characters.

That's completely underestimating our intelli- gence. Films like Seven, Nat- ural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction all had bad test screen- ings, but the studios kept them intact because they knew bet- ter. And now, those films are masterpieces.

Studios, wake up! Don't let a bad screening cause you to destroy a movie. Don't let us true horror fans who are awaiting a good film suffer because of vmat a handful of people think. Include a SASE if you want your art returned. Include a request for some famous per- son's address or phone num- ber if you want us fa faugh and throw out your fetter.

Full addresses printed only by request.

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Sorry, absolutely no personal replies to either isK fers ore-mail. Not sur- prisingly, King himself turns up. In Hie novel.

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Since ghadaivyay - 9 had olwciys wanted to : 3 Shining filmed as he it, that's what he offered, the. Garris' previ- ous King efforts pleased the author, who is happy to be reunited with the director. You don't get the chance to work with true geniuses all that much. Mick loved the idea. We flew down here together on our own, and we both knew as soon as we saw the hotel. We spent one night, with Mick shooting video all over the place, the next day we flew to Bangor, and Steve's first ques- tion was, 'What did you think of the Stanley? Or The Sfand, Garris..

Written and directed by Stephen Sommers — best known for family fare such as The Jungle Book and The Adventures ofHuck Finn — the movie stars Treat Williams as resourceful smuggler John Finnegan, recruited to transport a group of mercenaries to an undisclosed destination somewhere in the South China Sea. Finnegan eventually learns that the hired guns have been contract- ed to sink a luxury liner so that its owner can collect the insurance proceeds, but when the group boards the ship to pull off the dirty deed, they discover that a hideous sea beast has devoured almost everyone around — and isn't full yet.

From there it's the creature vs. O'Connor and Famke Janssen. At presstime, the movie had just been shifted from its April release berth to an October 1 0 opening.

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That's a short list, and Treat was very near the top. It's organic, and it's something that we feel very possibly exists. I mean, that was a rubber creature — which was fine for what it was — but we're bringing state-of-the-art visual effects to our movie. There's a world of difference between the two.

The team fine-tuned the project for about a year before the studio gave it Hie green light, and then it was another six months before the monster design and other essential elements were in place. The whole premise of Deep Rising smacks of a '50s-style creature feature, but Baldecchi claims he isn't trying to make a big-budget B-flick for the '90s.

We've gone to great lengths to create this reality, so we're hoping that it works. Cunningham himself has taken the directorial reins on Freddy vs. It looks likely that Stephen King will write an episode of The X Filesl The outhor originally wanted to pen a Millennium, but decided to go with Files instead. Island Pictures is.

Based on the novel by Frank Peretti, it's about a battle between demons and angels in a small town.. Touchstone Pictures bought the film rights to Steve Alten's novel Megalodon, about an SO-foot prehistoric shark on the rampage, even before it landed a publisher; Tom Wheeler will write the movie version, it will compete with Extinct, a likely TV project from producers Mark Sennett and David Ginsburg basea on Charles Wilson's book about the same monstrous species. Moggie Renzi and Paul -. Miller will produce,. John Man's Best Fneno.

Features the once-in-a- iifetime pairing of Burt Ward and Michelle Bauer. Some would say that's where he belongs. But seven years earlier, Pileggi was able to fine-tune his white trash persona in 's Mongrel. And while director Robert A.