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There were two kinds of juice in the fridge, and I realized the type had not been specified! This led to a mini crisis of the parliament in my head as I debated the merits of grapes and oranges.

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In the end I decided that orange juice is more traditional and I poured 3 glasses of it. I call that forward thinking! Returning to the master bedroom I presented Sammie with the beverage, by which she was, I must say, most pleased. I sat on the bed next to her and she smiled at me, leaning in she placed her lips on mine while her hands caressed my chest and back.

All me by myself? Without clothes or makeup I look disturbingly male. Like a feminine teen boy with tits. Having a dick will do that. Bright red lipstick was the first thing on, Sammie thinks that makes a women look sluttish, so I always start with it, from there I build around that. I went with a black red color scheme, dark panties and bra, a red miniskirt. I put on some heavy eyeliner and bright nail polish. I examined myself in the mirror. I looked like a slut, but not quite street whore, perfect in other words! Leaving the bathroom I picked up the OJ and Tim's pill. I entered his room and greeted him with my best morning smile.

I made a sad face and said, "Why are you so grumpy in the morning Timmy? I bring you nice juice and get yelled at, how ungrateful. It will help you let out you inner woman now take it. I see your a little tease, is that it? Your all tied up after all. Nothin you can do. Not that hard really, just enough for him to scream I didn't try to force it in his mouth, I just shook it in front of his face and pointed down at his nuts.

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He opened his mouth and I sat it on his tongue, I put the juice to his mouth and he drank. I removed my top and lay next to him, by breast placed against his chest.

I reached up and brushed my hair out of my face, leaning in I ran my tongue along his neck. He shuddered as he felt my tongue wiggling in his ear. My fingers ran over his chest, pinching his nipples lightly. His breathing quickened. The hair remover had done a good job the day before. I ran my fingers between his ass cheeks, they were nice and smooth.

We already know you like it so don't pretend For dress I choose something less revealing, his hips and tits weren't right after all so showing too much skin wouldn't help him look the part. He ended up in a modest lightly colored dress decorated with flowers. I hadn't needed a wig in a while and had to shift through a good number of boxes to find a nice dark colored one that matched him.

The conservative housewife look suited him, so I applied a faint pink lipstick and modest eyeliner.


I just couldn't go with no makeup! I didn't trust him to not go crying out into the lawn like a baby of course, so I had applied cuffs to his legs before freeing his hands, which I didn't let remain unbound for long. He lay on the bed when I was finished with him. I was a bit disappointed I admit part of me wanted to flog him with the whip and watch him squeal, but he just lay there accepting his fate. I'm afraid your mistaken. Sammie has decided to break you in so you won't be leaving here until your a perfect little fuck toy, like me! Some fear started to come into his eyes then.

Its always hard I guess, for a sissy bitch boy to let go of his pretend manhood. I was confident based on how quickly he took to our dressing up sessions earlier that he would cave though. Dressing him had really turned my on. I decided to let future plans go and enjoy the moment.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled his chest. Handcuffed as he was he could offer little resistance, but he continued to show his meekness but not even struggling. He shook his head in the negative. Moving forward I picked up my skirt some and let my panties, behind which strained my erect cock, rub on his face. He seemed to be holding his breath at first, but that couldn't last of course so I just waited, his head trapped between my thighs.

Soon I felt his hot breath on me and purred in my best saucy little sex kitten voice. I wiggled my hips, letting my cotton covered dick slide over his face. He whined a little and breathed in the scent of my sweat and shortly after that my precum. A sob escaped him. This would be his first taste of cock as far as I knew.

The previous night I had gotten little further then this, dry humping his face. When he didn't respond I leaned back and pulled up his dress. There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

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