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Understanding me, more and more, day by day.

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The End. That's how I feel. Something is missing. What is it?

DOes anyone know. I'm always rejected.

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Always avioded. Something has All I Need. My grandfather is my family hero, And nothing less than my superhero When the cancer had come along, I knew where I did There once was a man, as so remembering, that resorted to a form of morbid coping. Indeed, quite macabre in recalling. Its funny, i've been playing life like a game of rummy. Year by year i watch my days pass, as if im wathcing my life from How am I Breathing when I am Dead? Panic Can't-- I can't Breathe Panic I know Panic I've done it again Panic You don't think I know As pale as a white Rose.

The Meaning of my Mentality. Beware, beware, be skeptical, of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold, Deceit so natural, But a wolf in sheep's Drowing in my thoughts, My happiness disappears and rots. Swimming in my fears, Nothing but panic and tears. Floating in my And That's The Tea: Reality. Pretty little liar, in your pretty little attire, looking stressed and hot wired, we see through all your games.

Psychotic Isn't An Insult. Psychotic adjective ; crazy, mental, reckless, Out of control, violent, strange, scary- You throw around the word psychotic A Broken Girl. My Face, Not My Face.

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Everybody hides behind something. You may think you know everything about someone, but there's something in them, something Always running. I can never look back.

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I want to look Wake up in the morning, lazy and tired me. Irritated and sad me. Dad and me, always The Perfect Storm. You would think I'm the perfect girl I have the perfect grades, perfect smile, perfect personality to You Are. You Are You feel lost You have nowhere to go You are lost You feel like you're just a face in the crowd Never noticed, left The first time I was told I was too loud, was by my own mother, She had good intentions, but that just made it hit harder.

Roses are said to bloom in the spring, Just like every other flower. Perhaps this year there is a different timing, For a It Started. Hope For The Vulnerable Man. You're sharing time with each of your loved ones The clock strikes the witching hour A well-dressed man steps into the room Earth's Wounds. In the end we are only dust blending in, the essence and energy of our youth lost.

The crow claws at the bones that once That's it I'm throwing rhymes on this shit She's a very scary girl with a mind of a skit Has it played out she knows exactly Everyday its something new. I try and try to keep you at bay, but I just can't get rid of you. I've tried ignoring, I've One, Two..

Sleep and Poetry. Keats, John. The Poetical Works of John Keats

When i get too three I'm gona let all my thoughts explode Coming up to 7 years of age was a magical time. We smiled, laughed, and life sailed swiftly by. Getting to the old age of Seasons All the seasons come and go Sunny days turn into snow Winter transforms into spring Aglow with flowers it shall Run to when their lives get rough, all they Fool's Fantasy. Please, let me live in a fool's fantasy, don't come crashing down on me with reality.

Let me swim in a sea of innocence, and Heart racing, thoughts unclear. It's midnight. Looking down, a piece of metal. A thin blade. One touch to the skin it Laughter is stuck in the back of my lungs , slaughtering motherfuckers with THC in the back with guns , target practice Wake Up.

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Tick tock, Good morning, Today, a life will be lived and a life will be lost Today, a murder will happen and a child will be What is beauty? A number on the scale The size of your jeans A smile on your face Or something in between? I see beauty in Work to become your best self. Don't stay around waiting for someone to tell you when it's your turn You want it? Get it. There is no valid reason to Should Have. I dreamed last night that you had died Why had I not tried harder to bring you from that brink?

I dreamed last night you One hour looking at one page One hour, in one seat One hour, one location One mind, one focus One flaw within this plan One Day goes by without knowledge of it Day goes by just living it Day goes by doing what we know and love Day goes by doing Wouldn't I. I miss him, him, her, them. I have lost myself mentally, Giving to everyone.

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It's easier than facing my mistakes. Giving to Bridge I'll Hold You. When you're worried Don't think you have to walk alone in the rain Love has no boundaries my love You won't ever have to Broken Peices. Let it go, Leave me alone. Away from it all, But is it every Do you know how it feels To be alone and unwanted Crying but no one to talk to In pain and no one can mend it When your That Scared Four Letter Word.

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I sewed the strings up. Tied them around the wrists and ankles. I wiggled them around and you followed. Coming back to it all, Angels and the Holy Father. Sometimes I feel like I'm a failure.

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  7. Sometimes I want to cry. Sometimes don't know if im in hell orI am in the skyBut when the The Masked Routine.

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    I wake up and I put on my mask. It gets me through half of the day but then it starts to crack I feel the toxic air of the Labyrinth of Mirrors. Insatiably stalked by haunting perceptions Mental insecurities cause collections of indiscretions Bleak emotions are What Do You.

    Headaches, flowers, debt. Broken doors, long nights I will not I will not These words repeat in my head Over and over and over I will not cry Not in front of you I must be When will I be free. Had a loving family,just a little kid with a mom and dad, how were we to know everything would change, 7 is a lucky number, Kusama's Strength. The sweet yet somber days wear on. The dreary darkness of the world consumes me.